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The ComixLaunch Course [pilot]

Learn to harness the power of Kickstarter to fund your projects, engage your audience, and build the foundation for your career as a comic creator.

Welcome to the ComixLaunch Course!

If you've made it this far, you're part of a select group invited to join the pilot program for The ComixLaunch Course.

Your instructors, Tyler James & Jeremy Melloul, are very excited to work with you to build & launch your first or next Kickstarter project.

This course will equip you with everything you need to successfully, plan, launch, fund & fulfill your Kickstarter comic project.


Why It Matters

You already know how much of an impact Kickstarter has made in the lives of independent creators around the world.

Kickstarter has helped launch more than 3,000 comic book & graphic novel projects, it has injected more than $40 million into the comic industry!

Today, more than five years into Kickstarter, readers are familiar and comfortable with the platform. As a result, it's only continuing to grow.

It's also the most fair & level playing ground for independent creators, and a platform you should be using to further your career.


Let's build your first or next Kickstarter together, following a proven, step-by-step blueprint for crowdfunding success!

Throughout the course, we'll walk you through our tested strategies for successfully planning, executing, and fulfilling your campaign.

Once you learn these strategies, you'll be able to use them again and again to grow your platform and fund your creative career!

What You're Getting

[ComixLaunch Course Offer


What We're Going to Teach You

Module 1 - Laying the Foundation for Success on Kickstarter

  • Kickstarter Mindset: How to set a clear vision for crowdfunding success.
  • The 7 things all successful Kickstarter creators do.
  • The #1 mistake that dooms failed projects... and how to avoid it.
  • Reality Check: What your platform needs to look like to hit your funding goal... and how to get there.
  • How to grow and energize your audience (or build one from scratch) before you launch.

Module 2 - Communicating the Product, Passion and People Behind Your Project

  • How to define your MLP (Minimum Loveable Product)... and pitch it so backers will love it, too.
  • Kickstarter budgeting made simple… how to accurately account for the costs of campaigning so you can set the right funding goal.
  • Kickstarter SWOT Analysis: How your project’s unique strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats will guide campaign design.
  • Own Your Niche: How to identify and target your ideal backer before your launch.
  • The Power of Passion: Why and how to communicate the story behind your project.

Module 3 - The Killer Kickstarter Page Formula

  • Image is Everything: Dos and don’ts for picking an irresistible project image.
  • How to create a compelling project video (regardless of skill level!)
  • Reward Setting Master Class: Data-driven insights on crafting rewards that excite your backers and add huge profit to your bottom-line.
  • How to write killer Kickstarter copy and design a beautiful page that sells.
  • Perfect Timing: How to determine how long your campaign should be and the best time to launch.

Module 4 - The Kickstarter Campaign Promotion Blueprint

  • Kickstarter Marketing Bootcamp: A crash course in traffic, conversion, and sales.
  • How to identify the right media targets and get them to cover your project.
  • Social Media Toolkit - Everything you need to maximize ROI on social media promotion, including an all-in-one Kickstarter promotion planning tool.
  • Advertising that Converts: How to run an effective paid advertising campaign and get the best bang for your promotional buck.
  • Kick-alytics: How to use Kickstarter’s powerful analytics to identify what’s working and what isn’t… and what to do next.

Module 5 - The Kickstarter Campaign Execution Guide

  • Pre-launch Checklist: Exactly what to do the 48 hours before going live.
  • How to get your backers out for an explosive day one.
  • The Art of the Update: How keep your biggest supporters engaged all campaign long.
  • Surviving the Deadzone: Precise strategies for keeping momentum going during the difficult middle stretch of the campaign.
  • How to finish strong in the final week, day, and hours of your campaign.

Module 6 - Fulfill Like a Boss and Turn Backers into Lifers

  • The three things you must do within 48 hours of your campaign ending.
  • The Post-campaign Communication Guide: How to keep backers happy while they’re waiting for rewards.
  • The Ultimate Shipping Guide: The best, most efficient way to pack and ship EVERYTHING.
  • Outsourcing Options: How to determine what to handle yourself and what to outsource, including vendor recommendations.
  • Murphy’s Medicine: The most common problems that arise during the fulfillment phase, and exactly how to handle them.

Bonus Module 7 - ComixLaunch Peer Feedback!

The course will be extended for a bonus week to present the Kickstarter plan, page, and project you've been building to the group & instructors for some final feedback.

Though you'll be getting feedback & input as you craft each element of your campaign all along the way, this final week is going to be focused on looking at your campaign's master plan as a whole, as well as uncover some little tweaks you can make that will vastly improve the experience of the backers supporting your campaign & further increase your chances of success!

But Wait, There's More...

Not to go too infomercial on you, but beyond the course itself, as a founding member, you'll also get:


Membership to the Private ComixLaunch Course Facebook Group!

This private ComixLaunch Course Facebook Group will be filled with your coaches and peers from class. It's here that you'll get to share information & resources back and forth.

We will also be there, giving you our input on your projects and insight into the latest changes on Kickstarter, and in crowdfunding in general.

And your membership will last beyond the course, so you'll always have a community to rely on for future launches.

ComixLaunch All-Access Pass

Though the course is definitely the project we're most excited about, we do have some other ComixLaunch products we're working on.

We're also negotiating special ComixLaunch Pro discounted rates on things like printing with some of our preferred vendors.

As part of your membership in the course, you'll get an All-Access pass to the products and deals we're developing in 2016 before anyone else, and you'll also get to influence their development with your feedback!

Creator At Large All-Access Pass

The same will be true for Creator At Large!

If Kickstarter is your launchpad, the Creator At Large products being developed will supply you with the rocket fuel to continue your journey forward - helping you better tackle everything from marketing, to conventions, to sales!

If you want to get all of the above, make sure to select your pricing option and click "Purchase Offer" before spots run out!

We Built This For YOU!

We poured over your answers to the survey, and really took it to heart.

We built this course specifically to respond to the problems YOU mentioned.

If you follow our plan:

  • You'll reach an audience, regardless of the size of your pre-existing fanbase.
  • You'll design a compelling project & effective page.
  • You'll learn the strategies needed to not just survive, but thrive during the Kickstarter Deadzone and afterward, throughout the dreaded fulfillment phase, too.
  • You'll have a group of peers supporting you the entire way, and a direct hotline to Kickstarter coaches who have done this before.
  • And most importantly, you'll be equipped with the mindset, strategies & tactics you need to return to Kickstarter again and again, after this first project.

[100% Money-Back Guarantee!]

We want to make this course something that's super easy for you to say yes to... so we're removing all of the risk from your shoulders.

Enroll in the course, attend the training, do the exercises, build your campaign... even launch your Kickstarter!

And then decide whether or not this course delivered on it's promise.

You have 30 days from the end of the course to request a full refund.

If, at the end of 30 days after the course has concluded, you don't feel equipped with the knowledge, resources, and skills to launch a successful Kickstarter project, we want you to request a full refund.

The risk is 100% on our shoulders to deliver an outstanding course and prepare you to launch.



You! A small class of your peers, chasing after the same goal. And us, Tyler James and Jeremy Melloul!


A Step-by-Step program designed to help you successfully fund your Kickstarter


For 7 weeks from late January into March of 2016.

We'll be having live workshops throughout but even if you can't connect to those, they will be recorded & uploaded so you can look at them later.


Here! There! Everywhere! The internet is a wonderful thing.

The course will primarily take place here on the same platform you're signing up.

Kajabi is a wonderful course app that will make it extremely easy for you to go through the course, and everything will be archived nicely for you.

The class will also have a Facebook component in the form of a private group used to discuss the course contents & continue the conversation.


We will continue to deliver the free, valuable content you've come to expect from the ComixLaunch podcast.

However, The ComixLaunch Course represents the highest level of value we can provide.

This course is for creators who would like hands-on attention, a step-by-step plan, and somebody to keep them accountable.

The ComixLaunch Course blueprint we've designed, the peer group you'll be with, and our coaching is meant to do just that and more.

The end goal, as with everything ComixLaunch, is to jumpstart your career and turn Kickstarter into a renewable resource for you.

Tech Required:

You'll need a steady internet connection to access the online portal for the course (located here) and engage with both the Facebook group & live workshops / recordings.

All of our resources will be mobile friendly.

To participate in the live training sessions, a microphone and/or webcam definitely won't hurt for any possible face to face chatting we want to do, but it's not a course requirement.